Other Barcodes

Here you can get an idea of what barcodes are required for different purposes. The following discusses some of the more common types of barcodes we sell.

QR Codes – These 2D barcodes are the kind commonly seen on just about anything nowadays. Their use in marketing has increased substantially in the last few years, with their primary purpose being to quickly link a persons smart phone to a given URL. There are also a variety of other functions that these are capable of, including automatically adding event or contact information into the cellphones records, or automatically starting a call.

ITF-14 – ITF-14 Carton Code barcodes are used for the outer cartons of a product. These shouldn’t be used if the carton will be for retail sale at the checkout (in which case another EAN-13 will be required), instead they are used by larger retail chains for keeping track of inventory going in and out of their warehouse. ITF-14 Barcodes are based on the EAN-13 barcode of the product inside the box. These are converted by simply adding a digit onto the front, hence, up to 10 ITF-14 barcodes can be created for one EAN-13.

Code-128 & Code-39These barcodes are used for asset tracking as with library books or gym membership cards. These are generally created as sequential barcodes and each different number in the sequence can be assigned to a different ‘Asset’. We can create the images for you easily here.

Code-39 barcode can encode both letters and numbers, however code-128 barcodes can only encode numbers. This means that the encoding of the code-128 barcodes is much more straight forward, and hence they can encode more numbers or the barcodes can be printed smaller and still scan easily.

The majority of scanners should be able to read both formats without any issues, however you should check on the specifications of your scanner before proceeding.

We can arrange for sequential code-128 or code-39 labels to be printed for you here.

GLN Numbers – Some companies require Global Location numbers as unique location identifiers. You can get these here.

  • Other Barcode Images

    If you require any other type of barcode image, you can purchase this here. We routinely supply the following formats of barcodes: EAN-13, UPC-A, ITF-14, Code-128, Code-39, QR Code, SSCC Codes and various other types of 2D and 1D Barcodes. Please enter the quantity of different barcode image sets you require, and enter your barcode numbers or information to be encoded in the ‘additional information’ section when checking out. You will receive an email with your barcode images as attached files in 4 different formats (jpeg, png, svg & pdf).

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