Barcode Reseller

Suriname Barcodes is a member of IBN (International Barcodes Network)
Suriname Barcodes is a member of IBN (International Barcodes Network)

Suriname Barcodes is a barcode reseller – this means that we don’t ‘generate’ the barcode numbers, or ‘create’ the barcode numbers, as some people imagine. Rather we buy official barcode numbers in bulk and resell these to our customers. There are only two legitimate ways to get retail barcode numbers –

1) you can join GS1 in your country, become a member by filling in all of their forms, and then pay their exorbitant (in our opinion) joining fees and annual fees for the rest of your product life.  This can be VERY expensive, and a complete waste of money. In addition to the joining fees and annual fees, in the Suriname GS1 adds on extra costs to produce the barcode images (in contrast we provide the images for free as part of our EAN-13 barcode packages and UPC-A barcode packages). Actually the fee GS1 charges to generate barcode images is very close to what we charge for a full barcode package, including the barcode number, barcode images and registration. We hear of people who become GS1 members and then get a shock when they discover these extra charges.

2) You can buy your barcode number from a legitimate barcode reseller (that’s us). We are a member of the International Barcode Network – a network of reputable barcode resellers operating in 30+ countries.

When choosing a barcode reseller, look for these things –

  • Reputable (we are)
  • Clear contact details on their website – including street address and phone number (we do)
  • Do they guarantee that the barcode numbers they sell are legal, legitimate, come from a reliable source, and will be yours for life? (we do)
  • Do they check the barcode numbers for illegal use before sale? (we do)
  • Do they provide high quality barcode images at no extra cost? (we do)
  • Do they provide a barcode registration service? (we do)
  • Do they provide a barcode verification service, so your product can get in the door of those major retailers that require barcode verification – such as ASDA? (we do)
  • Can they provide you with a GLN (Global Location Number) – essential for some retailers – such as Tesco? (we can)
  • Do they provide comprehensive information about barcode acceptance, so you know who will or won’t accept your barcodes worldwide? (we do)

And there are many other reasons to buy barcodes from a reputable barcode reseller. The reality is that with barcodes, you get what you pay for.