QR Codes

Quick Response codes are available here. These are scanned by smartphones generally to link the user to a chosen URL, but can also automatically add contact or event information into the cell phones records. Please let us know what information you would like encoded when proceeding with your order. Alternatively, if you have questions about the information that can be encoded, please contact us.

Note – the size of the QR code should relate to the amount of information encoded. While QR Codes can encode a considerable amount of information more than other barcodes, if lots of information is being encoded, the QR Code will need to be bigger to ensure easy scanning.

To ensure your physical QR code has a longer life span, we recommend programming your QR code with a QR redirect. This allows you to redirect your QR code to different links in the future, multiple times, without changing the physical QR code. It also allows you to monitor traffic from the QR code. Watch the video here that explains this in more detail.

Note – we process these orders manually based on your specifications. This means that it can take between 1 and 12 hours to process these orders. If you want an accurate idea of when you will receive an order. Feel free to give us a call.

  • QR Code Images

    Here you can purchase QR Code images. These will be emailed to you in 5 different formats (Bitmap, eps., tiff, Jpeg, PDF) once the order has been received.

    Please specify in the ‘additional information’ section (on the checkout page) what you would like encoded into the QR Code – This could simply be a website URL you want the code to link to or your contact information for a VCard.

    Hoeveelheid Prijs per afbeelding
    1 SRD 120
    2 SRD 96 each
    3 SRD 80 each
    4 + SRD 64 each
    10 + SRD 40 each
    20 + SRD 24 each
    50 + SRD 16 each
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