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We have many customers using our barcodes on Amazon websites and other online stores.

Please purchase barcode number(s) for Amazon below. Please note that this is for the barcode number only, because this is what Amazon requires (it does not include barcode images). A different barcode is needed for each different Amazon listing.

Watch our videos here for a guide to listing your products on Amazon.

  • Amazon Barcode Numbers

    EAN-13 barcode numbers suitable for use on Amazon

    INSTANT EMAIL DELIVERY of your EAN-13 barcode numbers; PDF certificate of barcode ownership; and complimentary barcode registration on the International Barcodes Database.

    For examples of our barcodes on Amazon see our page Here.

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If you purchase this item you will receive the barcode number only (in EAN-13 format), by email. You will not receive barcode images as well (the vertical black bars and white spaces) because these are not needed for Amazon if you are dispatching the product yourself. If you want the barcode images as well, you can either purchase a “Barcode Package” (which includes the barcode number; barcode images; guarantee certificate; and registration) or else purchase the barcode images separately in addition to purchasing the barcode number above.

How to use your barcode number on Amazon:

Amazon has a requirement that barcode numbers are used for every product that is listed on Amazon. These barcode numbers are used by Amazon as product identifiers (they also form the “ASIN” product code used by Amazon).

To list your products on the Amazon websites you will need one barcode number for each unique product you are selling (after you have a barcode for your product you can sell thousands of that same product on Amazon using the same barcode number).  One (1) barcode is needed for each unique product listing on Amazon. This means that if your item has different variations (eg. if it comes in different sizes or colours) a separate barcode number is needed for every variation.

If you are dispatching the products yourself then you will only need a barcode number, which you can purchase above (you will not need the barcode images). However, if you are using Amazon’s Warehouse/dispatch services then you will need to get barcode images for your product (as well as a barcode number).

For information on how to successfully list your product with Amazon, watch our video here with a step-by-step guide on the process.

Additional information Amazon may require

Sometimes Amazon requires additional information about your barcodes before they will approve your product listings.

Some of our customers have been asked by to provide either (1) proof that the barcodes came from GS1, OR (2) an email/letter from the manufacturer or brand owner either confirming that they own these barcodes, or that they give you permission to use your own barcodes; OR (3) photos of the barcodes on the products. 

Our customers can’t supply Amazon with (1) (as their barcodes were purchased from our company, not GS1), however, they can provide Amazon with either (2) or (3).  This should satisfy Amazon’s requirements.

If you are listing your products on Amazon we also recommend that you register your barcode numbers and product/company details on the International Barcodes Database ( Registration is free if you purchase barcodes from our company. A new barcode number/product details page will be created on that database for each of your products. You can refer Amazon to your product page on that database, and use that as proof that you are the owner of your barcode number.



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