MANTA is a hairbrush that glides responsibly through your hair for minimum breakage and maximum shine. The Manta is the first brush to mould to the shape of your hand and scalp. It creates less tension on each strand whilst massaging the scalp for fuller, healthier, shinier hair.

We asked founder Tim Binnington why he chose to use

How did you hear about

Through our agent in Hong Kong.

Why did you choose

Because you came highly recommended.

Did you use barcode numbers right from product design, or did you first start selling your products without barcodes?

We used the barcode numbers from product design.

Which products are you selling and where are these products being sold?

We currently have 2 SKU’s selling in retail stores, QVC, Amazon, online, our website.

Which country or countries are your products for sale in?

All over the world via online sales.

Were there any problems/challenges with barcodes? Could these be solved?

Getting the right size of barcode to fit packaging. Got the right advice from you and resolved easily.

Would you recommend

Yes, they have been easy to deal with.